Xugong by admin on 2021-02-22

Shanxing’s product quality has not only been recognized by XCMG, but also the core values of the enterprise are highly consistent with that of XCMG, which makes this industry giant with more than 30 years of history start a long-term and stable cooperation with us. Every year, XCMG will customize a variety of tire protection chains from us and sell them to many countries and regions at home and abroad. We are also actively working on R & D and promotion, looking forward to win-win cooperation with more and larger international customers.

JiaoGong by admin on 2021-02-09

Zhejiang JiaoGong Group Co., Ltd. adheres to the traffic engineering construction as its main business, covering the construction, design and technical services of roads, bridges, tunnels, ports, navigation channels, shiplocks, airports, municipal administration, railways, urban rail and underground pipe corridors. Zhejiang JiaoGong has the special grade qualification of national highway engineering construction general contracting and grade A qualification of highway industry design. It's an honor for Shanxing to cooperate with such customers. Shanxing's products have really conquered customers' hearts.

LiuGong by admin on 2021-02-09

Our world famous customer-LiuGong, with a history spanning 60 years, has learned, adapted and grown into an established name in machinery. Started in 1958, LiuGong brought the first modernized wheel loader to China in 1966, eventually expanding to 19 different product lines today. LiuGong has used our tire protection chains many years, and is very satisfied with our all kinds of tyre protection chains.

Xiamen Xiajin by admin on 2021-01-26

Our African customers use XIAMEN XIAJIN ENGINEERING MACHINERY CO., LTD. forklift truck and buy our tire protection chain. They are very satisfied with its protection and service life.

Anhui Conch by admin on 2021-01-26

Anhui Conch Cement Co., Ltd., is one of our famous tire protection chain customer, which has earned the reputation of “World Cement sees China, China Cement sees Conch”.

Africa Customer by admin on 2021-01-26

Our mining tire protection chain serve in Africa. They are very satisfied with its protection and service life.

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