Shandong Xinhai by admin on 2021-01-26

Our local customer, Shandong Xinhai Technology Co., Ltd., which specializes in nickel alloy production, uses our tire protection chains. The customer is very satisfied with its protection and service life.

Shandong Weili by admin on 2021-01-26

SHANXING has customized various types of tire protection chains for domestic and foreign customers of loaders and forklifts to extend the service life of tires. The customers are very satisfied.

Fujian Jingong by admin on 2021-01-25

Our customer, Fujian Jingong Machinery Co.,Ltd., which primarily specializes in supplying JinGong series of wheel loaders, forklift loaders, crawler and wheel hydraulic excavators, is very famous in local and foreign markets. We have cooperated with each other tire protection chains for more than 10 years till 2021.

Caterpillar Tire Protection Chain Customer by admin on 2021-01-25

Shanxing has been developing and updating the crawler tire protection chain to avoid tire wear and prolong the service life of the tire. Fine design makes the crawler chain durable and strong. Crawler tire protection chain can make your forklift or loader into a tank to adapt to all kinds of harsh working environment.

Australia Tyre Protection Chain Customer by admin on 2021-01-25

After years of hard research and market development, with excellent product quality and high-quality customer service, Shanxing has won the praise and recognition of many customers from all over the world. This customer in Australia is a good customer case, from strange to familiar, from doubt to trust, from trial order to long-term stable cooperation. TIANJIN SHANXING METAL PRODUCTS CO., LTD. with all the staff will not forget the original intention, strive to move forward, and is willing to win-win and create a better future with all the mechanical engineering industry partners in the world.

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